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What would gaming be like if we couldn't play with other people? We bring gamers together, just like on the Internet, in real life.


The central point of gaming: the games themselves. Here you will find our selection of games.


We make sure you have all the information you need. Whether you want to know how the game is in your collection, or just need help with a level, no matter.


A compilation of all the information that could be useful for the parents especially of our younger gamers.

Who we are

We satisfy all your needs in the gaming world

It's been a long time since someone cleaned up the "World of Gaming". And that is precisely our goal: to eliminate the chaos. overview and simplify orientation. There are hundreds of websites that publish different articles on different things in the gaming world. But they all cover only part of the demand.

We want to bring people together, whether in the virtual or real world.
The cornerstones to achieve this are quickly summarized: communication, distribution and information.  Or simply: a central point from where you can get both your games and your information, and where you can talk to all your online friends and gaming colleagues.

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What we do for you

Communication, distribution and information

The three pillars of order in the world of computer games. But knowing only complicated words is not enough to achieve this ambitious goal. That's why we give you an overview of what we want to achieve for you:


Talk to everyone. Make friends, join clans, meet with gamers!

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Especially for our younger gamers, the Internet is a dangerous place. Let's make it safer for them.

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Everything you need to know about what's going on in the game world, collected in a single place.

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Our team is always there for you. Except they're just sleeping… but even then someone should be there.


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Alexander Wydra.

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