What do we show you here?

Among many "clans", or "groups", we highlight some special ones here. All the clans you will find here have been handpicked by our team.

What does this mean for you?

Everyone has the right to create a group on GGaming. While we are our best, we cannot always guarantee 100% that all of these groups have reasonable access to child-friendliness to have. However, in the selection we present to you here, there is no such group. We attach great importance to this in our partner clans.

  • Currently there are no partner clans

Your clan as a GGaming partner clan

You want to see your clan on this list? It's easy: just fill out our form and a responsible team member will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, however, that your group must meet certain requirements in order to be included. You can find these requirements here. Only a clan leader can promote his clan here.

Dieses Feld ist nur erforderlich, wenn du bei 'Art deiner Gruppe' entweder 'Spieleclan' (Bitte gib hier den Namen des Spiels, und evenetuell einen Link zum Spiel selbst an), 'Externe Gruppe' (Von wo kommt deine Gruppe, und worum geht es bei euch?) oder 'Sonstiges' (Gib bitte möglichst genau den Inhalt deiner Gruppe an) angegeben hast.