Partnerclan Infos

Requirements for a GGaming Partner clan

We need to make sure that your group is a fair place for all members of our community. This is all about SecureGaming, and our younger members.

If you want to be on our Partnerclan list soon, you can check here before applying to see if your group meets all the requirements.

  • Your group must be at least PG13 (except game clans whose game is not PG13)
  • Groups under 50 members are not included in the partner clan (except in your group, it is about a specific game in which groups have a maximum membership number below 50…)
  • There should be a clearly defined clan language in your group. Whether you communicate German, English, French or with lyrics, we don't really care.
  • Groups that hold mainly political or religious opinions have lost nothing in our partner clans. What do you do on GGaming? This is about computer games, not politics!
  • A clear hierachia is important to us. Who is the boss, who moderates the group, who cooks lunch?
  • Our partner clans are about choosing the friendliest communities. So it doesn't matter if you win every tournament as long as you don't destroy your keyboards if you lose.

What do you get as a partner clan?

At the moment, we haven't fully defined the benefits you have as a partner clan. But we already know as much:

  • A place in our list. More attention for you!
  • An additional clan page that we create in collaboration with you. Whether application form, pictures, clan information, you decide.
  • A cool t-shirt for your chiefs.