Startup Company

Startup Company

Startup Company is an early access game in which everything revolves around building your own company. Start alone in a small office and buy ever larger office buildings while you hire new employees!
But hiring employees is only a small part of your tasks in Startup Company. By the way, you'll need to take care of your website features and components, build your own server room, attract investors, and compete with internet giants like TheTube, Lattergram and Friendbook.


It's a classic management game, but you don't have a small shop or burger shop here, but an up-and-coming internet company. To get to the top, you need to create web pages, and then improve them with the components your employees create for you. But be have an extra time with each improvement, but more users also need more server performance! So buy a hosting building and create your own server room. Just make sure that the servers do not overheat, otherwise they will no longer work.
Over time, you'll need more and more employees as you have more and more different tasks to perform. While an employee can take on multiple tasks, he cannot do different professions. There are designers, developers, senior developers, researchers, support staff, marketers, managers, and more, each with their own task area


The aim of the game is to have more "users", i.e. registered users, than any other website. This can be done by winning new users through marketing, or by buying up and taking over their customers.



LIRIK: "Startup Company is a pretty solid game!"

Tycoon Games


Although the game is still in Early Access, it already feels like a full release. This brings a lot of bonus points, as this is unfortunately rather an exception.


Operating system Processor Memory Graphics card Space
Windows Windows 7 2GHz Dual Core 2GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 or similar 1GB
Mac OS X OS X 10.9 2GHz Dual Core 2GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 or similar 1GB
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or later 2GHz Dual Core 2GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 or similar 1GB

Attention! On Linux, only the 64-bit version is supported! other versions may work, but it is not guaranteed!

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